Hello friends of historical Sinn  Watches!


Since the 1980s I have been fascinated by mechanical wristwatches. I got to know the Sinn brand in 1998, but the passion for vintage Sinn watches was only kindled later by the Sinn 103 Classic. This limited Sinn 103 Classic was the one that sparked my interest in old Sinn watches.


The logical connection to the Sinn 103 Tri-Compax laid the foundation for my enthusiasm for vintage Sinn watches. This paved the way for my first Sinn watches from the time of Helmut Sinn.


I pay particular attention to those model variants that Helmut Sinn named rallyewatches. These include the models of the 101, 102, 103 series and rare chronographs with Excelsior Park caliber.


Since I got to know Helmut Sinn personally, I have always been very impressed by his open and honest personality. The conversations with him were very enriching, interesting and unforgettable for me! I liked his exemplary self-discipline, adherence to his principles, and sense of humor.


His suggestions and information were always crucial and a great help in building my collection and the decision to create this website. This website is intended to give collectors and experts the opportunity to get to know the watches and model series of Sinn specialwatches before 1995.


When I look at my old Sinn watches, it is not just about reading the time, it is about more, it is memories, his stories and the passion that has developed over the years.


It is this passion that makes each of these Sinn watches a unique piece.


Vintage Sinn watches are special to me and once you start collecting them, you can't stop it.


I hope you enjoy exploring my website.


Michele Tripi






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